April 20, 2009 12:00 PM

by Christian Moerk |



Desmond, a mailman, discovers a grisly crime scene on his daily route north of Dublin one day. Then Niall, another postal employee, finds a diary in the dead-letter bin that describes the events leading up to the heinous murders. At the heart of it all: Too many women in the Walsh family fell for Jim, a handsome storyteller (they’re called seanchai in Ireland) who seduces with his tales of love, danger and sorrow. Now it’s up to Niall to find out if one of the women managed to escape her sisters’ unlucky fate. Moerk, a former film executive, would do very well carrying on the seanchai tradition in an any dark, cozy Irish pub. He weaves a creepy, entertaining, sometimes outlandish tale about the perils of loving the wrong guy. It’s a chilling bedtime story for adults.

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