September 02, 1991 12:00 PM

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They are six women who have only one thing in common: They’re all ex-cons. But this isn’t a sweeps episode of Donahue. It’s an irretrievably trashy new series from the Australian creator of Prisoner: Cell Block H. After her parole, Valerie Wildman gets plastic surgery, a new identity, revenge on her brutal, mob-connected husband and, in short order, a rustic inn to run. One by one, her former prison mates (Lynn Hamilton, Katherine Justice, Maria Rangel, Kelli Vonlondersele and Melanie Vincz) join her to ramble on about men and other problems.

The show is so poorly acted, overlit, badly shot and dopily plotted that it resembles a soap opera dreamed up by a nasty-minded recluse who hasn’t watched TV since Uncle Miltie was king.

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