June 11, 1984 12:00 PM

Lita Ford

A former bandmate of Joan Jett with the Runaways, Ford has some of that same brash, steel-edged approach to rock ‘n’ roll and the Jett black outlook on romance. Ford’s first album was called Out for Blood. Dressed to Kill, Lady Killer and Take the $ and Run, all written by Ford, are three of the songs on this one conveying the general idea that we’re not talking syrupy, lovey-dovey stuff here. Ford is a proficient enough singer at this kind of thing, but what makes her unusual is that she is a first-class rock guitar player—and is not afraid to show it. Since her band is small—just drummer Randy Castillo, bassist Hugh McDonald, keyboardist Aldo Nova and herself—she gets plenty of solo time and uses it to advantage. If she doesn’t quite play with the controlled abandon of, say, her idol Jimi Hendrix, she does demonstrate a thoughtful, light-metal sort of touch. The world may not be quite prepared for a cross between Jett and Van Halen, but ready or not, here she comes. (Polygram)

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