October 06, 1986 12:00 PM

Paul Hogan could be the biggest thing to come out of Australia since the winged keel. He’s best known in this country for the Australian tourism TV commercials. But in his own country Hogan is a media hero. It’s easy to see why from this, his first feature movie: He gives one of the most likable performances of the year. As the title character, Hogan plays a notorious croc poacher whose idea of civilization is a seedy pub in the middle of nowhere. A determined New York reporter, played by sexy stage actress Linda Kozlowski, seeks him out for an interview, and he takes her on a two-day trek through Australia’s rugged back country. She talks him into going to New York, where the predictable pratfalls ensue (he is, for instance, propositioned by a man in drag). Most of the movie is a showcase for his humor and her body. It’s actually Hogan, though, who sustains the film by his considerable charm and swagger, disarming Kozlowski and everybody else. You can’t help having a g’day at this one, mate. (PG-13)

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