By David Hiltbrand
Updated April 01, 1991 12:00 PM

>Here’s more lazy competition for Johnny and Jay. On Tuesday (April 2), CBS rolls out its wheel of new action series that will air weeknights (11:30 P.M. ET). In The Exile, Jeffrey (Search for Tomorrow) Meek stars as a renegade U.S. agent in Paris, equally lethal to the ladies and the bad guys. Grade: C

It’s premature to assign a grade to Scene of the Crime (Wednesdays), a mystery anthology hosted by prolific TV producer Stephen J. Cannell, but it needs serious remedial work.

Cheesy as all get-out. Fly by Night (Thursdays) stars ex-Playboy model Shannon Tweed as the scam-happy head of an air-charter company. Grade: D-

In Dark Justice (Fridays), Rainy Zada portrays a bespectacled judge by day. a leather-and-denim-clad vigilante by night. Grade: C-

Sweating Bullets (Mondays) stars Rob Stewart as a ponytailed Florida P.I., a glib beachcomber who is catnip to the babes. Grade: B-