December 10, 1990 12:00 PM

The Scorpions

The Scorpions are loud. They tend to get rowdy. They can be rather crude. These might be negative traits if the Scorpions were maitre d’s at a famous restaurant, but this is a hard-rock band we’re talking about. Volume and bad manners are part of the job description.

The Scorpions are consummate metal-heads, and Crazy World is the consummate cerebellum-squishing experience. It’s loud and silly at times, yet in the end, it’s an awful lot of fun. Consider the record a reminder of what it feels like to be a 16-year-old boy sneaking your first sip of bad whiskey while cruising the neighborhood strip in a friend’s Dodge Dart.

There are thrash groups who play more intensely than this German band and lite-metal groups who sound more melodic; Crazy World makes a nice compromise between the extremes. “Tease Me Please Me” and “Kicks After Six,” tunes whose lyrical intent would be clear even to an Irish setter, have memorable melodies that are just one step from danceable.

Naturally, there are plenty of brain busters—”Restless Nights” and “Hit Between the Eyes,” to cite two—and one surprise—”Wind of Change,” a ponderous number about the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, which quiets down enough so that you hear the band whistling. A somber, thoughtful, political tune? What are these guys trying to do, screw up their image? (PolyGram)

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