By Tom Gliatto and Cynthia Wang
Updated July 25, 2011 12:00 PM


Viva Le Late Late Show! The host gives it a French twist

After six years as host of The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson needed a change of scenery. “I have to keep myself interested or else the audience will get bored, and I’ll get bored, and that’s no good,” says Ferguson, 49. So in June he traveled to Paris to film a week’s worth of episodes, which will air beginning Aug. 1. Ferguson slid across the floors at Versailles (“You’re not allowed to do it, but it was fantastic fun!”) and talked to the engineer who looks after the Eiffel Tower. “We incorporated the city into the show,” he says. “We set up a desk on the street and interviewed people that way.” To top it all off, he donned a sparkly suit and kicked up his heels at the Moulin Rouge: “The place in France? Where the naked ladies dance? Was where I danced!”