By People Staff
April 06, 1998 12:00 PM

Waylon Jennings

Nobody ever accused Jennings of ml being a New Age Sensitive Guy. So this children’s album is really a little boy’s album, “a big rascal singing about little rascals,” as Jennings has put it. It is, political incorrectness notwithstanding, a delightful romp, with all the tunes written from a boy’s perspective. In “All of My Sisters Are Girls,” for example, Jennings sings, “They can’t climb a tree and they can’t catch a ball/they’re really no fun at all.” In “Dirt,” he philosophizes, “You can throw it and kick it and it don’t even hurt/So a kid’s best friend just got to be dirt.”

A sweet-voiced children’s chorus provides appropriate backup, Caroll Spinney of Sesame Street makes a brief but amusing cameo appearance as Oscar the Grouch, and studio harmonica whiz Terry McMillan adds to the playful atmosphere. And since Jennings himself is much more in granddad than outlaw mode these days, he seems the ideal singer to communicate to all the little good young boys out there. (Sony Wonder)