June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

The 56-year-old Debbie Reynolds follows her best-selling original video with one designed for couples. Stirred by the idea that it’s more fun to work out with a partner, Debbie hauls in husband Richard Hamlett and pals Pat and Dick Van Patten and Patricia and Tom Bosley to follow her mixed-bag routine of stretches and dance steps. The men look as if they have shown up under duress. Their wives make more of an effort to boogie to the beat of ’40s Big Band music. Debbie’s personality is a matter of taste. She may be the only instructor on video who announces that touching her elbows together “isn’t easy with my, uh, boobs” and makes sexual references to pelvic lifts during her floor routine. You half expect Dr. Ruth to come skittering out for some color commentary. (VidAmerica, $29.98,212-355-1600)

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