January 13, 1992 12:00 PM

Tone Loc

With his throaty, dirty-young-man voice, Tone Loc is a kind of gangsta version of Barry White, the suave boudoir troubadour of the ’70s. Three years after getting people to do the “Wild Thing” on his debut album, Loc (Anthony Terrell Smith) is still getting most of his inspiration from the waist down.

He’s a bit more serious on the reggae-influenced “Funky Westside,” where he decries familiar urban ills. But he’s back to hitting-on in “I Adore You,” where he puts his own slight spin on Young M.C.’s hip-hop hit “Bust a Move.” At the end, a la While, he sledgehammers the point by moaning in ecstasy.

The second side contains more sexual play-foulness. “Freaky Behavior” employs a peppy bass line to shore up Loc’s juvenile boasting: “I had a pool full of women/ One swam over to me/ And of course she was doing the breaststroke.” You get the idea. (Delicious Vinyl)

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