August 19, 1985 12:00 PM

Pointer Sisters

It would take a miracle for the Pointers to match the success of their previous LP, Break Out, which produced four superdanceable Top 10 singles: Jump (For My Love), Neutron Dance, I’m So Excited and Automatic. This album is no miracle, but it is another marvel of pop production by Richard Perry. Almost every track is underlaid with an alluring musical phrase played on a synthesizer, bass or—as in Bodies and Souls—a synthesizer programmed to sound like steel drums. Dare Me is already a hit, and Twist My Arm or Pound, Pound, Pound could be too. But the Pointers are not just another adjunct of synthesizers, and this is most obvious in Anita’s softly inflected lead vocal on the David McHugh tune Freedom. Man does not live by dancing alone. (RCA)

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