July 04, 1988 12:00 PM

If there were a Dolphins’ Equity union, it would ask us to boycott this brainless video. Filmed at the privately run Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Fla., the tape promises to “make time stop as you have the opportunity to relax into the core of your being where your hidden potential lies.” But this sea monster doesn’t so much stop time as hold its head under water. Just 25 minutes long in real time, it seems to last a week as an endless dolphin procession leaps from the ocean in slow motion. They are photographed from all angles in every conceivable kind of leap, but face it, dolphins all look the same to us. The sound track, a musical gruel by New Age guitarist Carlos Alomar, adds little. Water, sunlight and sea gulls are the only supporting cast. Maybe the four dolphins who get onscreen credit, Natua, Delphi, Anessa and Misty, can use this tape to audition for Sea World and dump their present human partners. While he no doubt harbored notions of becoming the Fellini of the Flipper set, the director of this tape, George Parker, just created a splashing bore. (Emaura Productions, $29.95; 800-453-4810)

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