April 20, 2009 12:00 PM

>• Leading an Asian music invasion, these four artists are ready to conquer the U.S.

UTADA This singer, who was born and raised in New York but is of Japanese descent, released This Is the One, her second U.S. album, last month.

Sounds like: A lightweight Mariah Carey, with fluffy lyrics.

Fun fact: A decade after its release, the 26-year-old’s debut disc, First Love, still ranks as Japan’s bestselling album of all time.

SE7EN A major star in his native South Korea, the 24-year-old has just released his first U.S. single, “Girls,” featuring Lil’ Kim and produced by Rodney Jerkins (Brandy).

Sounds like: The Asian answer to Justin Timberlake.

Sample lyric: “Like Will/I’m legend, feel me.”

BOA After 12 No. 1 albums in Asia, the 22-year-old South Korean dropped her self-titled U.S. debut last month.

Sounds like: With her heavily produced dance-pop beats, she’s the Britney Spears of Asia.

Key track: “I Did It for Love,” her synthed-up single featuring vocals, writing and production by hitmaker Sean Garrett (Beyoncé).

WONDER GIRLS The South Korean quintet will release an English version of “Nobody”—one of three No. 1 Asian hits they’ve had since launching two years ago—next month in the U.S.

Sounds like: A younger version of the Spice Girls.

Fun fact: Truly a girl group, they’re under 21!

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