By Alan Carter
October 16, 1989 12:00 PM


NBC obviously had a problem putting together the recent Saturday Night Live special. With 15 funny years of material to cram into 2½ hours, something—well, lots of good stuff—clearly had to go. Now Nickelodeon is celebrating the show’s 15th season with a 10-hour marathon that will bombard fans with vintage skits in—as the Cone-heads used to say as they ripped the tabs off six-packs—”mass quantities.” John Belushi pretends to have his arm and leg bitten off by a shark; Madeline Kahn, as the Bride of Frankenstein, sings “I Feel Pretty”; Garrett Morris, as Idi Amin, does a twist on Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? with Bill Murray and Laraine Newman. Program your VCR now. (Nick at Nite, Fri., Oct. 13, 8 P.M.-6 A.M.)