October 24, 2005 12:00 PM

Alanna Ubach

You may not know her name, but she’s probably cracked you up. Ubach, 30, now starring in the raunchy Waiting, goes to any lengths (even butt padding) for laughs.

AS REESE WITHERSPOON‘S PAL IN LEGALLY BLONDE I AND II I said, “I want the tackiest outfits you can find.” Even my cheerleading outfit had bling-bling. I always think I’m a Muppet version of myself. Everything is grand and ornate. I got to be a feminine, giddy girl.

AS THE MAID WHO TOOK BEN STILLER’S VIRGINITY IN MEET THE FOCKERS For the audition, I had to look like I was 40. I got hair dye from Rite Aid. It was funny to walk around with big boobs and a huge butt. Ben would squeeze the padding as he was talking to me.


Of course they put water in the cans of beer. I have one glass of wine, the truth comes out. I’m a very cheap date. I’m 5’1″—what do you expect? It’s like giving an elf a couple shots of tequila.

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