You’ve done stand-up, written for shows like Seinfeld and acted. What’s your new book’s top tip for showbiz success?

You have to be resilient. If you have to audition 22 times to get on The Tonight Show, do it. The hard-knock years create a backbone that’s invaluable. Also, don’t get too full of yourself and love what you do.

Those could apply to any career path, right?

Yes. I’d love the book to have as wide an audience as possible. People are giving it to their kids for graduation.

Okay, now for the gossip. The book has some, right?

There are stories like how early in my career I was banned from Aaron Spelling Productions because I stole a soda from a fridge. Pretty funny, but there’s definitely a message to young people: Don’t do that kind of thing.

What was it like working with Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David?

They’re like the Lennon and McCartney of comedy. It was lightning in a bottle. Nobody worked harder—but there were no star trips.

You recently got engaged to your partner of 17 years. Congratulations!

We’re excited! When we told our son—he’s 8—and asked him how he felt about it, he said, “Girls don’t marry each other.” The joke there is, it was hard enough to tell my mother that I’m a lesbian. Now I have to tell her that her grandson is a Republican!

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