By Jeff Jarvis
Updated February 06, 1989 12:00 PM

ABC (Mon., Feb. 6, 9 p.m. ET)


This isn’t a remake. It’s a rebirth. Columbo is back with his old four C’s: the stubby cigar, the junky car, the rumpled coat and the disarming confusion. He hasn’t changed. He began back in 1971, rotating with McMillan and Wife and McCloud on the old NBC Sunday Mystery Movie. Now Peter Falk as Columbo will rotate with Burt Reynolds as a private eye and Louis Gossett Jr. as a crime-solving professor in the ABC Monday Mystery Movie. In this, his inventive re-premiere, Falk comes up against Anthony Andrews as a mean but smart magician whose rival loses his head in a guillotine. We know whodunit and how, but the fun, as always, is watching Falk drive the villain nuts with no end of apparently stupid questions: “Uh, one more thing, sir.” I’ll take Columbo over Matlock or Perry Mason or Murder, She Wrote any day. I’m glad he’s back.