By People Staff
July 11, 1988 12:00 PM

Are you draping yourself in periwinkle when you should be donning peach pastels? Clare Revelli, fashion designer and author of the book Color and You, promises viewers they’ll face “no more indecision on the critical question: What colors are best for me?” In this 45-minute survey of the wide world of emerald and lavender, jade and magenta, viewers learn to analyze their skin, hair and eye colors and match them with seasonal types. (Summer and winter people have cool blue undertones; springs and autumns are imbued with a warm golden tone.) “And now for the real fun!” bubbles Revelli, sheathed in magenta and emerald, as she reels off a dizzying array of color combos. A winter person, for example, has beige or olive skin, dark brown or blue eyes, black or medium to dark brown hair—or maybe salt-and-pepper, silver gray or white. Winters look best in bold hues: black, navy, hot pink, turquoise and royal purple. Springs have complexions with peach or pink undertones, eyes with flecks of green, blue or light brown and hair that may be golden blond, red-blond, light auburn or golden brown. (Confused? Turn to your 32-page color guide or wear thick veils.) After this exercise, a parade of beauty and fashion experts crassly hawk name-brand products. They offer cursory tips on hair coloring, makeup application, wardrobe selection and the all-important accessorizing. These are all swiftly explored before the video screeches to a halt, probably leaving most viewers feeling slightly beige, if not downright drained. (Simon and Schuster/Paramount, $19.95; 800-345-1441)