By Terry Kelleher
Updated November 01, 1999 12:00 PM

NBC (Fridays, 10 p.m. ET)

This inconsistent hour-long comedy (with no laugh track, thank goodness) could develop into an enjoyable show if granted time to find itself. But weak early ratings don’t bode well for its life expectancy.

Based on a successful British series, Cold Feet concerns three young Seattle couples. Adam (David Sutcliffe) and Shelley (Jean Louisa Kelly) are trying to work out a live-in relationship despite a mutual fear of commitment. Pete (William Keane) and Jenny (Dina Spybey) find their married life disrupted by the arrival of a new baby. And the marriage of David (Anthony Starke) and Karen (Alicia Coppola) seems strained, even when they’re not disagreeing about how to raise their toddler. The plots so far have ranged from sitcom-standard (Pete advises Adam to assert his independence from Shelley; Karen advises Shelley to put her foot down with Adam) to out of left field. (In the Oct. 29 episode, Adam discovers Shelley’s little secret: an estranged husband.) But Kelly, Starke and Sutcliffe clearly have a feel for their characters, and on occasion—such as when David tells off a coworker who sees parenting as a competitive sport—truth and comedy converge.

Bottom Line: Still in the warm-up stage