January 24, 1994 12:00 PM

Barbara Cook

Okay, here’s the deal. Play Cook’s cover (with Tommy Tune) of “The Way You Look Tonight.” Good. Now, play it again. And again. Now, as soon as you’re able to wipe that giddy grin off your face—it’s hard to conjure a more fetching rendition of this classic—you’re on your own to take the Cook’s tour of songs featuring lyrics by Dorothy Fields. (Just a hint: The bouncv “Don’t Blame Me” is a must hear, as are the heart-stopping “Make the Man Love Me” and “April Snow.”) This is a truly alluring pairing: lyricist Field’s tender, witty, very female view and Cook’s lush vocal instrument. Long a Broadway musical star, Cook is no Sunday school soprano. Hers is a voice of distinct richness with a quite uncommon warmth and generosity. If it has darkened a bit over the years, that’s all to the good; it just lends emotional heft to this captivating collection. (DRG)

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