In his new book, TLC organizational guru Peter Walsh says that keeping your home clean can help keep you lean.

CATCHY TITLE—BUT CAN HOUSEHOLD CLUTTER REALLY MAKE YOU FAT? I’ve seen it again and again: When I help people declutter, it starts with their physical space and carries into jobs, relationships. Hundreds of people e-mailed me that a weird side effect was they started to lose weight.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Diets aren’t about food; they’re about decisions. If you have a messy, disorganized kitchen, you will always default to the easy. You’ll get takeout. If your dining room table is piled with bills, you won’t want to sit and have a healthy family meal there.

OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE ARE SOMETIMES STEREOTYPED AS MESSY. I’m not buying into that ridiculous stereotype. I’m saying that if you want to seriously deal with weight, you can’t do it if the place that should be your sanctuary is a freaking mess. As with the clutter in your house, so with the clutter on your hips.

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