June 11, 1984 12:00 PM

It’s no surprise that there are stupid, disgusting, insulting, silly, horrible commercials on TV. It is a surprise to find a good one, a commercial that’s funny, well-produced, well-acted, well-written, interesting, compelling, cute or simply inoffensive. God knows why so few are. Still, with considerable effort, we found 10 good ones, the 10 best on the tube today. Many of them won Clios, the ad industry’s Oscar, at the 25th annual awards ceremony late last month. Clio’s judges give out lots of awards for American commercials—68 of them this year in every imaginable product category (best insurance commercial) and professional skill (best musical lyrics). They also give awards to foreign commercials, which tend to be better than ours—not so hard-sell, not so cacophonous and wordy. Altogether, the Clio people managed to find almost 100 worthy minimovies. Next year they plan to televise their awards ceremony on network TV. It’s bound to be worth watching. Unlike other commercial compilations, this one won’t have Ed McMahon chattering and chuckling in between. And unlike other awards shows, the Clios do not allow acceptance speeches. Advertising people have short attention spans.

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