November 25, 1991 12:00 PM

ABC (Wed., 10 P.M. ET)


Television needs another show about lawyers the way Donald Trump needs a new girlfriend. Nonetheless, L.A. Law co-creator Steven Bochco has come up with this series starring Mariel Hemingway and Peter Onorati as a team of divorce attorneys. It has all the vintage Bochco touches—serious themes, jaded heroes, oddball second bananas.

In the opening episode, Hemingway’s partner (Alan Rosenberg) suffers a nervous breakdown, and she hires rival Onorati to fill in for him. A superior series like L.A. Law would spend as much time analyzing these characters as it would dealing with their cases, but Civil Wars instead just goes from office to courtroom and back without offering much insight into Hemingway’s or Onorati’s personalities. Over time, maybe that will happen, but right now the jury is still out on the show’s chances.

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