March 04, 1991 12:00 PM

The Discovery Channel (Mon., March 4. 9 P.M.ET)


More personal than political, this documentary is devoted to the former President from Plains. Ga. It encompasses his youth, his family, his single term in office and his admirable humanitarian efforts since losing office a decade ago.

The picture that emerges from this flattering yet not fawning portrait is consistent with Carter’s long-standing image: that of an intelligent, devout and principled man devoid of charisma.

The show opens with Carter’s even-handed assessments of the post-Eisenhower inhabitants of the White House. His only unqualified disparagement is reserved for Reaganomics—”the most damaging blow to our country in this century.” As for himself, Carter concedes he was “politically naive in many ways.”

The program skips over the one policy that, due to recent events in the Middle East, has drawn renewed attention: Carter’s support for high-tech weaponry. It would be ironic if this no-profile gentleman came to be remembered as the father of the Stealth.

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