July 19, 1982 12:00 PM

by Sandra Boynton

The book has four parts: “The Many Faces of Chocolate,” “The Physiology and Psychology of Chocophilia,” “Knowing Your Chocolate” and “Where to Get It.” The seven “myths of chocolate” are discussed; the last is that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. The author claims with typical dry humor, “Actually, this is true.” Boynton also notes: “In taste tests conducted nationwide, chocolate lovers were blindfolded and asked to compare five leading brands of chocolate. The result? Three out of four individuals actually resented having been blindfolded.” The author of this delicious foolishness is a greeting card artist. Most of her sublime illustrations involve hippos and pigs, which are appealing critters, especially when they have a few chocolate smudges around the mouth. Anyway, absolutely no one can dip into this book without suffering an overwhelming desire for a bite of the wonderful, smooth, brown, delicious confection that inspired it. (Workman, $4.95)

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