October 13, 1997 12:00 PM

by Rachel Urquhart

Mystified by mascara? Confused at the makeup counter? Demoralized by that blemish or breakout? Woman’s Face can give you the nerve to look into the mirror again. This latest addition to the 20-volume Chic Simple series on fashion and home decor is a user-friendly smartly designed guide to beauty above the neck and below the hairline. It answers nagging questions (what exactly does moisturizer do?) and suggests new solutions (a dab of powder on the lids makes eyeliner last longer). Woman’s Face applies its light touch to every aspect of makeup and skin care, from the brightest lipstick to the least attractive wrinkle, with plenty of practical advice on facing myriad choices that need not be overwhelming. It emphasizes the beauty of moderation, of not using any product one doesn’t need. Even those with nothing new to learn about lip liner will be instructed—and cheered—by quotes from experts like RuPaul, Lady Macbeth and Anna Magnani, the passionate, handsome actress who had the last word on good looks: “If I had to get by on nothing but a pretty face, I’d drown myself.” (Knopf, $30)

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