September 01, 1980 12:00 PM

The hirsute pair’s second movie picks up where their 1978 box office bonanza, Up in Smoke, left off. It’s at least as tasteless, and almost as funny. The boys are up to their old tricks, smoking humongous joints, smashing up cars and generally wreaking havoc at every turn. They accomplish all this in sketches built loosely around a day in their lives, but the slapdash nature of things doesn’t matter. The comedy assault is relentless, like being licked to death by a big, friendly dog with slightly bad breath. In one sequence Cheech (who co-wrote with director Chong) even camps around in a red wig. The movie also lampoons everything from welfare programs to massage parlors. Some jokes are hard to stomach, even for Cheech and Chong fans. But if this movie draws the same crowds as the first C&C venture, most people will be feeling too mellow to notice. (R)

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