January 19, 2004 12:00 PM


Mandy Moore, Matthew Goode

Moore’s latest teen-oriented movie, a bland, bloodless variation on Audrey Hepburn’s old Roman Holiday, at least performs the valuable service of throwing cold water on my daydreams of being a President’s daughter. Imagine: You could be like Chelsea Clinton—travel to India, soak up worldly experience—or those fun-loving Bush girls. But no. The Secret Service is always hovering, ruining your dates.

Fed up and boy-hungry, Moore, whose twinkle has the feel of something generated by AA batteries, takes off across Europe with a cute Brit while Daddy has a meeting in Prague. But Moore doesn’t know the b.f. is an undercover Secret Service agent. So unfair!

So now I wonder what it’s like to be Condi Rice. (PG-13)

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