April 14, 2008 12:00 PM

How would Martin Luther King Jr.—who died 40 years ago this month—view our world? His lawyer Clarence B. Jones, author of What Would Martin Say?, has some ideas.

WHAT WOULD HE THINK OF THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE? He’d be exhilarated that an African American and a woman have the possibility of being elected, and that [Senator] Obama had the courage to start a dialogue about the 800-pound gorilla of race relations.

ABOUT THE IRAQ WAR? He’d be against the preemptive war, but would understand why Bush did it.

ABOUT AFFIRMATIVE ACTION? I think he’d say we don’t need it.

WHAT WAS HE LIKE? Very humorous. Fearless, but aware of his mortality. There was an unspoken assumption that he wouldn’t live a long time. The anniversary of his death is very hard.

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