June 24, 1991 12:00 PM

Too Much Joy

Since David Letterman’s approach to talk shows resembles Too Much Joy’s approach to rock, it’s only appropriate to list the top 10 reasons why everyone should own Cereal Killers:

10. There are no songs on this album about saving the whales, finding God or trying to be a more sensitive guy.

9. There are songs on this album about drinking, sex and astronauts.

8. The songs have titles like “William Holden Caulfield.”

7. Too Much Joy will not use their profits from the record to have plastic surgery to look more like Diana Ross.

6. This music is what rock is supposed to be—loud and rough around the edges (and in the middle, for that matter).

5. The band actually shows some signs of musical growth on their second major-label release, tossing in some honky-tonk piano (“Thanksgiving in Reno”) and horns (“Sandbox”).

4. Cereal Killers is proof that all those misfits in high school who used to make flatulent noises in class can eventually do something for society.

3. Lines such as “We got stoned/ We had sex/ I dreamed that I was Evel Knievel,” are the perfect, which is to say dopey, rock lyrics.

2. There are no token rap songs.

1. Too Much Joy may be the subject of Kitty Kelley’s next book, so it’s good to get in on the ground floor. (Giant/Alias/Warner Bros.)

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