By People Staff
June 08, 1992 12:00 PM

Tony Curtis, Charlene Tilton, Robert Davi, Ted Prior

A suspense thriller 100 percent lacking in suspense or thrills, this film provides a good lesson on the damage that can be done by a movie camera that gets into the wrong hands.

Prior stars as an acting coach who’s dragged into a car one day in what seems to be a CIA-led conspiracy. His brother, David (Raw Nerve) Prior, wrote and directed the film. Dallas’s Tilton, one of Prior’s students and an assistant D.A., gets involved in his attempts to get himself out of trouble. Curtis is a family friend of Tilton’s and also seems to have connections in the intelligence underworld. Davi (Wild Orchid 2) is the conspiracy’s spokesman, while Bo (Dynasty) Hopkins turns up as a local cop.

An assassination subplot goes nowhere, where it is soon joined by the rest of the movie, which ranges from preposterous to pathologically dull. (R)