November 30, 1981 12:00 PM

edited by Paige Rense

If you loved Volume One, you’ll enjoy more of the same: careful, beautifully reproduced color photos of “the private worlds of 30 international personalities.” Most of these places look as if an expensive decorator had run amok, but a few do suggest something about the famous person who lives there. Take Princess Margaret’s little house on Mustique Island in the Caribbean. It sits “on a headland of its own, with a steep drop down to sand-lined coves and lagoons on either side. No other house is to be seen.” There is a gem of a swimming pool and the rooms are open to the sea. You’ll never feel sorry for that plump little Royal again. Candice Bergen has the whole skyline of New York City outside her bedroom window. Ali MacGraw has a terrace at Malibu that is planted with more flowers than bloom in most florist shops. Christina Onassis has a chalet in Saint Moritz whose bedroom walls are “upholstered in suedelike cloth,” and there’s a monstrous bed covered with fur. In her New York apartment, “Miss Streisand refers to the library decor as her ‘burgundy era.’ The rich hue underscores Grammys and an Oscar.” Among the other domiciles in question are those of James Caan, Kirk Douglas and the late John Wayne. These photographs first appeared in Architectural Digest, of which Rense is editor in chief. (Knapp, $40)

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