By Leah Rozen Lesley Messer
January 29, 2007 12:00 PM

The busy Aussie star was also top-notch in ’06’s The Good German and Babel. Crave even more Cate? See her Oscar-winning turn in ’04’s The Aviator—or check out these films.

Little Fish (2005) In a little-seen drama from Down Under, Blanchett was haunting as an ex-junkie. (R)

Veronica Guerin (2003) She offered an impassioned portrayal in a bio of a crusading Irish journalist. (R)

Pushing Tin (1999) In a so-so comedy about air-traffic controllers, Blanchett was hilarious as a brassy Long Island housewife. (R)

Elizabeth (1998) Blanchett’s Virgin Queen made history live. (R)