Picks and Pans Review: Catching Up with ... Wyclef Jean

• The ex-Fugee, 38, mingles with Shakira, Norah Jones and Paul Simon on Carnival Vol. II: Memoirs of an Immigrant.

ON CUTTING HIS DREADS I look the way I looked in 1994, on the first Fugees [album] cover. I felt like it was a rebirth, a new start.

ON WILL.I.AM COMPARISONS When I wear my hat, I’m always mistaken for will.i.am. He does look like one of my brothers. I told him, “We need to do a record where I’m telling people I’m will.i.am and you’re telling people you’re Clef.”

ON THE ABORTED FUGEES REUNION I slowed down a great portion of what I was doing because I was waiting on the Fugees album. The last time I spoke to Lauryn Hill was like a year and a half ago. She just needs to get better. I’m real tight with Pras. I would never play the band out [and do an album without Hill].

ON STAYING HIP I’ve been in [the music biz] since 17. You go through asking yourself if you’re still cool. You can’t try to be on the “Hey Baby” remix when you’re 38.

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