In the new animated film Planes, you voice a fighter jet that’s a throwback to your Top Gun character.

I’m a fan of animation and had a ball making the movie. I was 25 when I played Iceman, and I still get recognized for that character a lot. People will smile and say “Iceman!” It’s flattering. I have happy memories of Top Gun. It’s fun to see my younger self.

You’ve played so many iconic roles. Which one is your favorite?

I’m playing Mark Twain onstage right now in Citizen Twain. He’s my favorite. As for films, Batman was memorable. I was lucky to be part of that entertaining world, and getting into that suit was great.

How do your children perceive you?

I’m just Dad. They don’t seek out my films. My son [Jack, 18] is a musician, and my daughter [Mercedes, 21] is an artist. My favorite thing to do is spend time with them.

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