June 17, 2013 12:00 PM


Congrats on your new U.S. X Factor gig.

I’m so excited! I love Simon [Cowell]—he’s a winker, really charming. I think Demi [Lovato] is such a strong woman, and [fellow new judge] Paulina Rubio is so cute! Her accent melts my heart every time.

In your new single “Dirty Laundry,” you open up about feeling lost and jealous of Beyoncé’s success after Destiny’s Child broke up. How did she respond?

She told me, “I’ve always been here.” She said it was an incredible song and she was so proud of me. She and Michelle [Williams] are both very supportive.

What was it like reuniting for the Super Bowl?

Absolutely freakin’ wonderful! Rehearsals were the best time, staying up late and goofing around. It was so much fun learning the “Single Ladies” dance.

How is it being Auntie Kelly to Blue Ivy?

I love it. I do want to have a kid when the time comes. But now music is my baby, and my career is my boyfriend!

Will there ever be another Destiny’s Child album?

If there was an opportunity and we were all on board, then great. They’re my sisters.

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