Jen Schefft

She broke up with Andrew Firestone after The Bachelor and rejected all comers as The Bachelorette. In a new book, Schefft, 30, a PR exec in Chicago, shares her don’t-settle tactics.

WHAT INSPIRED BETTER SINGLE THAN SORRY? Backlash. People said I was crazy, that I’d be single the rest of my life. But there are a lot of single women waiting for the right guy.

NO DATING TIPS? There are enough books out there about how to get a man and why he’s not into you.

SO HOW DO YOU STAY HAPPILY SINGLE? Connect with other women; do things that interest you, not just things to meet a man. Surround yourself with positive people. But also learn to be okay by yourself.

STILL DREAM OF FINDING MR. RIGHT? Absolutely! And I feel that I will.

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