September 30, 2013 12:00 PM

You play an oddly quirky dog lover in Baggage Claim.

I love romantic comedies. I’m used to playing the “good guy,” and it was great to stretch my comedic muscles and play a character who’s zany. I got to improvise a bit.

Which romantic comedies do you and your wife, actress Idina Menzel, curl up to?

I love Love Jones. If Pretty Woman is on, we watch it to the end.

You recently traded Los Angeles life for New York City.

We’re trying to get acclimated. We got our son [Walker, 4] into preschool. He loves taking the subway.

You also have the sequel to 1999’s The Best Man out in November. Is there ever time for real romance?

It’s nothing like in the movies! We have a kid, careers. Sometimes just being in the same room is terribly romantic. She recently surprised me with some shoes I wanted. I wasn’t dropping hints or anything.

You and Idina costarred in Rent on Broadway. How about a Best Man musical next?

You’re the first person that’s ever brought that up. I’m going to talk to somebody about that.

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