July 27, 2009 12:00 PM

>• On tour for 21st Century Breakdown, Billie Joe Armstrong, 37, dishes on fatherhood, makeup and the trio’s future.

ON GREEN DAY’S LONGEVITY You get sick of each other sometimes, so you try to allow each other some space. Maybe someday I’ll do a solo record. But we’re writing the best stuff we ever have now. I really like being in a band and that gang mentality.

ON HIS SONS JOSEPH, 14, AND JAKOB, 10 My oldest son is getting to be a very good drummer, and my youngest takes guitar lessons. We’ve got a jam room in my house [with Adrienne, his wife of 15 years]. I teach them a little, but then they’re like, “Shut up!” When someone else teaches them, they tend to listen more.

ON ASSISTANT COACHING JAKOB’S LITTLE LEAGUE TEAM Well, I only did it until they were 10 years old and got better than me at baseball. Beyond that I’m literally out of my league!

ON BEING A GUYLINER PIONEER I’ve always taken pride in waving my freak flag a little bit, whether it’s wearing a dress or putting on a little makeup.

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