September 30, 2013 12:00 PM

>You took a break from The Voice last season. How does it feel to be back?

Awesome! Everybody [from the original lineup of coaches] is happy to be reunited. I love the opportunity to give back to so many aspiring artists. I’m going to win this year!

Do you keep in touch with past contestants from your team?

I do. Nakia [from season 1] was just in town, and I took him out to get a tattoo that said “Confidence becomes cool.”

Who are you closest to among the other coaches?

I’m pretty close with everybody, but I talk to Blake [Shelton] most often. I’ll get a call in the middle of the night like, “Hey, whatcha doin’?”

You also recently reunited with Goodie Mob for your first album together in 14 years. How was it getting your groove back?

It was very easy. We’ve grown quite a bit. We’re more mature, focused and secure about our own individual skill sets. We’ve known each other all of our lives. It’s very gratifying to work with each other and have another opportunity to prove ourselves.

Did you always have a unique sense of style?

Always. I would wear a suit to school and carry my father’s briefcase. I never thought that was abnormal, and I still feel that way.

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