August 28, 1995 12:00 PM

by Patrick Lynch

Beach Book of the Week

SO YOU HAVE READ RICHARD PRESTON’S bestseller The Hot Zone twice and seen Dustin Hoffman’s Outbreak, and you still can’t get enough of those deadly Ebola stories? Well, slip into your Racal containment suit and head to Biohazard Level 4 for a fictional dose of the virus that causes those mushy, Technicolor deaths. In this story the outbreak of an Ebola-like bug in Sumatra sends two single-minded women into the rain forest. Army pathologist Lt. Col. Carmen Travis and her team make a dangerous search for the birthplace of the disease and agonize over how to “put the stopper back in the bottle.” Meanwhile, Holly Becker searches the jungle for her missing twin daughters. The girls were visiting their father, a biologist who has succumbed to the virus. British thriller authors Phillip Sington and Gary Humphreys (writing here as Patrick Lynch) doctor their feverish tale by injecting a clever spin on how the disease is transmitted. The prognosis for readers: excellent. (Villard, $23)

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