August 19, 1985 12:00 PM

photographs by Carl Mydans

Mydans, 77, has been taking pictures for LIFE and TIME for nearly 50 years. Many of them are history-in-the-making, such as General Douglas MacArthur wading ashore after the invasion of the Philippines in 1945. (Mydans notes that the general could have used a pontoon walkway instead: “No one I have ever known in public life had a better understanding of the drama and power of a picture,” Mydans says.) What is striking about this collection of 198 black and white photographs, however, is that people are the focal point, even in the most chaotic situations. These are humane photographs, whether the subjects are migrant workers in Texas in 1937 or Vietnamese refugees in 1968. Mydans has not only recorded events, he has recorded people’s lives. (Abrams, $35)

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