April 07, 1986 12:00 PM

There’s a problem with the Care Bears. They’re such goody two-paws and so carey-sharey that not much can be done with them in terms of plot. About the most dastardly thing any of them is capable of is Bedtime’s penchant for snoozing. That leaves most of the story line variations to the villains, and the meany in this case, the malicious spirit Dark Heart, bears a suspicious resemblance to the malicious spirit who caused the Bears trouble in their first feature last year. The human foils are similar in both films too. In this case they’re three children who are frustrated because they’re doing poorly in summer-camp games. Once again the Bears are resourceful and colorful. There are some chipper songs, written by Dean and Carol Parks and sung by such people as Stephen Bishop and Debbie Allen. Children probably won’t notice, or care, that the two semi-famous human big names who did voices on the original, Georgia Engel and Mickey Rooney, passed on this one. Adults will be glad that there’s no real onscreen violence, and the Bears manage to convert Dark Heart within 77 minutes. (G)

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