By David Hiltbrand
October 14, 1991 12:00 PM

ABC (Sun., Oct 13, 9 P.M. ET)


Barry Bostwick and Joanna Kerns star in a fact-based film as a couple who move with their infant daughter to the Pacific Northwest to escape urban insanity. They open a remote motel, and their first customers (hello, fate) turn out to be a pair of deranged druggies (John Stamos and Chad Lowe), who hold them hostage.

Stamos (see story, page 83) has developed an appropriately malevolent look for the role, but his acting, and that of the rest of the cast, leaves much to be desired. The whole ugly episode is excruciating to watch, right through Kerns’s experiencing Stockholm syndrome as she comes to sympathize with Lowe’s fate. Well, now she knows how we feel. If people didn’t bond with their tormentors, how else would Growing Pains have held on to an audience for seven seasons?