April 24, 1989 12:00 PM

Lori Yates

Yates, 28, came by being a country singer via a very Northern route—through Toronto. But no, she doesn’t sing about hockey and moose. Her repertoire fits neatly into the modern country mainstream, with such familiar tunes as “Blue Side of Town” by Paul Kennerley and Hank DeVito and” Lovers Jamboree” (Nick Lowe-Paul Carrack) as well as songs she has written with such familiar names as Guy Clark, Wendy Waldman and Don Schlitz. Yates has a hearty voice and sings energetically in front of a band of Nashville stand-bys including Mark O’Connor, Albert Lee and Steve Gibson. This isn’t the let’s-re-write-the-country-histories-immediately debut that, say, Kathy Mattea’s or Holly Dunn’s was, but it’s a most enjoyable album. (Columbia)

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