October 06, 1986 12:00 PM

While Chutes and Ladders approximates the traditional board game, this VCR version of a children’s classic is a disappointment. Gone, alas, is the familiar playing board with its colorful, meandering trail. Here we get another board that’s divided into six sections, each one picturing a neo-Candy Land character such as Princess Lolly or Lord Licorice. There is also a deck of 24 cards that have pictures on one side, a color on the other. The tape presents four different stories that require players to match either the color side of the cards or a picture to cues that flash on the screen. The goal of the games is to clear the different sections of the board of their cards in order to win the corresponding marker, a strategy that may elude younger competitors. (The game is suggested for kids age 3 to 6.) Young children may also find it hard to keep pace with the stories, since some of the cues come at brisk four-second intervals. At those times it would help to press the pause button on the VCR. That entails parental involvement, despite the manufacturer’s boast that this is a game kids are supposed to be able to play by themselves. Mom or Dad, though, might find that being trapped in Gramma Nutt’s peanut-brittle house with their kids isn’t all that bad. (Milton Bradley, $25)

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