By Jeff Jarvis
September 12, 1988 12:00 PM

PBS(Mon., Sept. 12, 10 p.m. ET)


When things go wrong down here—when the pizza doesn’t arrive on time, when store clerks can’t add, when I turn into an old fogy and start screaming, “Nothing works in this country anymore!”—that’s when I dream of defecting to Canada, civilized, clean, quiet, beautiful Canada. I happen to be an avid Canadophile. So I was drawn to this four-part documentary with host Robert MacNeil. The first part, about Canadian-U.S. relations, is your basic dry documentary. Unless you’re a maple leaf addict like me, you may snooze. But the second part, in which such Canadian writers as Robertson Davies and Margaret Atwood talk about their land, is downright lyrical. It’s enough to make anybody want to move north. The last two parts, about Canada’s French half and its immigrants, were not available for review.