January 16, 1984 12:00 PM

Can director Henry Jaglom make a coherent movie? Jaglom has achieved cultish success with such films as A Safe Place and Sitting Ducks. Indeed, he deserves a gall award for using in this film a long clip featuring Orson Welles from A Safe Place, an ego trip within an ego trip. Unhappily, Patrice Townsend, the charmer who was Jaglom’s star in Sitting Ducks, isn’t his star anymore, or his wife either. Also unhappily, he hasn’t lost Michael Emil, his brother and still his leading man. Emil takes up with Karen Black, a New York woman whose husband has just left her. Why she would be smitten by the bald, fast-talking, impossibly edgy Emil is unfathomable. His mere appearance onscreen is enough to make any normal person chew up a popcorn container out of nervousness. This aimless film may appeal to a few people on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where it was shot. Everyone else can safely miss it.

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