By People Staff
September 01, 1980 12:00 PM

There is a plot to this enjoyably erratic comedy—something about an impoverished caddie buttering up an overbearing country club president (Ted Knight) to win a college scholarship. But basically it’s a framework on which the writers, two of whom (Harold Ramis and Douglas Kenney) are Animal House alumni, can hang vulgar, obvious, yet often amusing gags. Chevy Chase is delightfully warped as a suave golfer who plays blindfolded and lets the Force guide his shots; Rodney Dangerfield is winningly obnoxious as a loudmouth who loves booze and bimbos; and Cindy Morgan displays her talents as Knight’s nymphomaniacal niece, Lacey Underall. Bill Murray occasionally overplays as a demented green-keeper, but there is an intuitive, Brando-esque performance by his adversary, a disco gopher. (R)