By Peter Travers
August 08, 1988 12:00 PM

Jackie Mason, on Broadway in The World According to Me!, is very funny. Onscreen, in this sorry sequel to the 1980 hit Caddyshack, he is very not funny. A bad script? You bet. Take one slob millionaire (Mason). Mix with country club snobs (Robert Stack, Dina Merrill). Result: Mason, in a role written for Rodney Dangerfield, looks like a drowning man. His brash ethnic humor, dependent on building a comic rhythm, is squashed by Allan (Heartbeeps) Arkush’s antsy direction. Look in vain for the return of gopher-chasing Bill Murray, the original’s main asset. (The gopher does put in an appearance and draws the only smiles.) Chevy Chase, as a socialite who sells the club to Mason, and Dan Aykroyd, as a psycho ex-Marine hired by Stack to dispatch his enemy, are pitifully awful. To warn his fans, Mason should tack a sign on this shack: This property is condemned. (PG)